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SNUFactCheck is the first and only fact-checking platform in South Korea. Established under the cooperation of the SNU Institute of Communication Research and 0 major Korean media outlets, we provide a not-for-profit public information service of verified, high-quality fact-checking content.
The SNUFactCheck aims to help improve the knowledge and understanding of general affairs among voters, citizens, and information consumers through fact-checking services. The SNUFactCheck Committee, an independent entity consisting of fact-checking experts from academia and the journalism industry, is in charge of the highest-level decision-making at the SNU FactCheck Center, ensuring the political autonomy and administrative transparency of the center.
Mission and Values

SNUfactcheck Goals
Code of Principles
What We Do
SNUFactCheck verifies the validity of facts.
Media outlets affiliating with the SNUFactCheck Center verify the validity of facts based on evidence collected from their data and investigation. The verification results are displayed on a five-point scale of 'Not True', 'Mostly Not True', 'Half True', 'Mostly True', and 'True'. At the time of the verification, the fact-checking media outlet must provide the evidence that served as the basis of their conclusion. Cases for which the validity cannot be determined will be identified as 'Undecidable'.
The affiliated media outlets cross-verify facts.
For decades, South Korea’s media outlets have been embroiled in political bias controversies, which led to debates on the media’s impartiality and a deep mistrust of the country’s press. SNUFactCheck Center allows multiple media outlets to conduct fact-checking on each issue. It allows users to compare the verification results of each media outlet and independently reach a conclusion. Media outlets affiliating with the SNUFactCheck Center can conduct cross-verification for facts that appear to be overlapped in multiple sources. Cross-checking facts among media outlets allows companies to improve the quality of their fact-checking through competition. Moreover, if participating media outlets reach consensus on their verification results more frequently, an improvement can be anticipated in the consumers’ trust in the media and the quality of journalism in South Korea.
with Affiliated Media Outlets
SNUFactCheck is Korea's first fact-checking organization based on the cooperation between the Seoul National University Institute of Communication Research (SNUICR) and 32 domestic media outlets. The SNUICR provides an online platform, and the media outlets produce quality contents that are thoroughly fact-checked. The SNUFactCheck began verifying information displayed in public media on Korea's 19th presidential election in March 2017 in partnership with 15 media outlets, and more have applied for affiliation since then. The affiliated media outlets make important decisions in consultation with the SNU FactCheck Center. In October 2018, they unanimously revised the 「SNU Fact-Checking Principles」, the fundamental standards for governing the SNUFactCheck.
with Media Platform
SNUFactCheck has received valuable support and cooperation from NAVER since 2017. NAVER has provided annual financial assistance of 1 billion KRW (approximately 783,349 USD) for the SNU FactCheck Center's operations and to aid Korean media outlets in their steadfast pursuit of fact-checking. The inclusion of SNUFactCheck's content on NAVER's news service, being one of the largest news portals, significantly boosted awareness about SNUFactCheck among the general public. As a benefactor, NAVER adhered to the arm's length principle and remained detached from SNUFactCheck's decision-making procedures. However, as of August 31, 2023, NAVER has ended its sponsorship.
with Academia
The SNUFactCheck supports media outlets that make sustained efforts to fact-check through various projects in cooperation with the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (KSJCS). The KSJCS and the SNUFactCheck jointly appoint the screening committee for Korea Fact-Check Awards, Fact-Checking Coverage Support Project, and SNUFactCheck Internship Program to ensure such projects are carried out fairly. Moreover, SNUFactCheck has regularly discussed the current achievements, significance, initiatives, and future direction at academic conferences.
with International Fact-Checking Network
As the first fact-checking organization in Korea, the SNU FactCheck Center has served as a bridge to introduce SNUFactCheck to the international community and to give an insight into global fact-checking trends to the domestic mediascape. In cooperation with the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), the only and highly regarded alliance of fact-checking agencies worldwide, we have selected and dispatched Korean reporters and journalists to the annual "Global Fact" conference since 2018. In 2019, the IFCN and the SNU FactCheck Center successfully held a workshop for Korean journalists. In recognition of the achievements of SNUFactCheck, the IFCN designated EunRyung Chong, head of the SNU FactCheck Center, as an independent board member of IFCN in 2020.
Since its founding on March 29th, 2017, SNUFactCheck has verified statements by officials, politicians, and candidates and checked the validity of rumors spread over the public through social media. SNUFactCheck has provided 0 fact-checking results as of today(22/06/2024). Especially, the SNUFactCheck successfully demonstrated its competence as South Korea’s first-ever fact-checking service in the face of the 19th early presidential election, a historic and unprecedented political event in Korea’s contemporary history. This achievement holds paramount significance because the SNU FactCheck Center proved the potential for trust and cooperation among media outlets. SNUFactCheck has supported partner news institutions by regularly sending interns and assisting with long-term fact-checking projects. SNUFactCheck has also been conducting an education program for journalists who are fact-checking in practice. These journalists have attended Global Fact, a conference hosted by International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) since 2018.

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You can contact SNUFactCheck by post, telephone, email, or in person. Information on our internship program can be found in SNUFactCheck Internship Program.
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There has been published research on SNUFactCheck’s fact-checking system, data, and technology. Also, researchers of our own have participated in some of the publications.
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